this is the thing

by sosi

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old songs and a couple new.


released April 22, 2016



all rights reserved


sosi Michigan

i appreciate those who listen and support. thank you.

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Track Name: mind what's mine
Don't know where to go
Or have it figured out
Come to see me through
This first
I'll fall
You want me to
Just say the word
I'll hit the ground
instead of you
I'll mind
What is mine
And let you go
Track Name: ask for it
You don't have to worry about
What it is I do
I'm just sitting here
Thinking about you
I don't think twice
You're just what I choose
Sleep alone at night
Wishing I could be with you
Like you said
I'd do it all again
Go there and back
Long as you're at the end
Baby I just gotta let you know
I don't ever wanna let you go
There's no next one for me
I don't need
To search through the crowd
I just say what I mean
I wish you could see what I see
You're so beautiful
Baby that's your usual
Lately you've just
Been so cold
Your love is safe
When it's mine to hold
So let me know
Did you let this go
Did you let me go
Just let me know
Track Name: like this
You see me not yet giving up
I can't cause baby you're the one
You got me tied
So tight
Around your finger
Baby, you know you do
Lately I been wanting you
More than usual
Want you
I choose
You only
Can't be
This lonely
Oh, I can't do this anymore
Keeping my lips
Like closed doors
Let me open them for your kiss
Let me open them just like this
Do you like it? Do you like it?
Tell me that you do
Do you like it? Do you like it?
Yeah, I wanna stay with you
Track Name: there's no need
Let it turn me to garbage
I don't think about what I do
Or what I've done, oh
Or what what I've done
Push me away
Stay far from me
Lost in every single way
I let them use me
For everything, for everything
Smile turns to grey
I don't want to see things fall into place
Cause I wont let them be
I lost everything
Even me
All heads down
No need to look straight
They will guide you
In their own way
Grown tired of this worn out place.
Cant look
I am scared
Just not prepared
Don't look now
I don't want to, I don't want to
Be found.
I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want to
Be found
I don't want to.
Track Name: harsh hair, crooked fingers
Go, no snow
But it's gotten cold
No coat
For the ice that's coming out their throats
I know it all too well
Don't have to show it
They can already tell
I'll blow it
I've only just come back from hell
Don't keep me
Staring at each other
Crossed knees
Swinging through reality
Go, no show
This shit is getting old
They know
I'm done walking down this road
With all this on my shoulders
Slowly losing my composure
Losing, losing, I'm losing my composure
Losing, losing, I'm losing my composure
Track Name: sink with the light
Take it from me
And all of my
All of my mistakes
Don't want to feel
Just bury it
Bury it away
I don't think
About the things that you see
No more thought
Keep away from me
I try to fly
Through these soft lights
Can't see through this shade
Take it from me
And all of these
All of dreams
I couldn't keep
They're tucked away
Hidden from me
I try to fly
Though these soft lights
Track Name: for a friend
Wishing you were here
You were here
You were close to my heart
First to draw my tears
All the things you knew
And what I know now
Are things we kept close
Well now they're tousled around
You were there
For all the hard times I had
Never knew
That things could ever get quite this bad
Well hearts will crack with their
Sorrowful sound my
Head is so heavy
As I look around
My tears fall as the chorus
Starts to sing
They start falling faster as I
Feel you leaving
As I stand at your resting place head
In my hands
Never thought my friend being buried
Would be in these plans
But I know you can hear me and my
Sorrowful song
And I know that I'll see you soon
Anna it wont be long
Track Name: this is the thing
You just catch me alone now
Tired of forcing things to work somehow
Don't have anything left to say
Come on just flip on to the next fucking page
Sick and tired of same days
People all having the same shit to say
Trying to get out of old ways
These old ways
I'm sorry for what I've said
I just want you to know
I never meant it
The stress keeps talking
It's not me
It's all the hurt bursting through the seems
Yeah, through the seams
I swear that
This isn't me
Oh baby I know that this all is on me
Couldn't keep
My head above water
So I got us both
It kills me
The stress keeps building
Don't wanna see us both dying
Swear to God that I'm trying